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Mystic column AGHORI STORIES only on THE INDIA POST.

The India Post on boards Mystic Researcher Maulikk Buch as columnist for AGHORI STORIES.

The India Post is committed to provide unique content to its subscribers across the globe. As a news portal we continuously thrive to provide best information and knowledge to our subscribers.

As a part of the same, we are happy to announce that we are starting a bi-weekly column AGHORI STORIES. The word Aghor itself is a mystical word which creates great curiosity among the readers to know about the mystic world.

We are happy to on board Mr. Maulikk Buch ,who is an exjournalist , Public Relation Consultant and Digital Media expert by profession. But his curiosity to know and learn about AGHOR ,KAPALIK and Mysticism since his childhood has made him roam around the mystic hubs of India. He has met NAAGA SADHUS, AGHORIS and Mytics and accumulated the treasure of Mysticism.

His logical connect to every piece of information has made him go deep and research a lot about Mysticism in India. After hours of discussion with the editorial board ,he has finally agreed to start a column on Mysticism called AGHORI STORIES.

THE INDIA POST welcomes Maulikk Buch to be a part of the organisation as columnist.

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