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From clean-nutrition to clean beauty, OZiva builds a stronger holistic wellness ecosystem with the launch of skin and hair care ranges

The new range of Clean Beauty products are made with phytonutrients and clinically proven actives backed by botanical sciences

New Delhi OZiva, India’s leading certified clean and plant-based nutrition and wellness brand, recently announced the launch of its new range of skin and hair care products that are 100% clean, made from phytonutrients and clinically proven actives.  Following the core philosophy of empowering individuals to be better in every way, this new range helps provide holistic beauty that is truly inside and out, with safe and effective clean beauty solutions. Having pioneered several innovations across the clean, plant-based nutrition ecosystem, the superbrand now boldly aspires to extend its vision of advancing a clean living revolution for consumers across the country by introducing the latest OZiva Clean Beauty Range.

Speaking on the launch of the Clean Beauty Range, the co-founder of OZiva, Aarti Gill, said, “As India’s foremost clean, plant-based Wellness and Nutrition Company, we have always strived to extend the best to our customers across the country. For us, clean & holistic living is a lifestyle that we champion most fervently. Since, the products that we consume and apply have a deep impact on our overall health & wellbeing, we felt it our duty to extend a novel clean beauty range that is free from harmful chemicals and additives. With our new range, we want to empower our customers to achieve holistic wellbeing with 100% safe and effective skincare & haircare products. Going forward, we would like to keep educating about  the significance of  clean living and offering one’s body with the right type of nourishment inside-out, to balance mind, body, and soul.”

OZiva’s latest product line comprises an array of Clean, plant-based skincare and hair-care formulations that are created using scientific botanical concepts that synergistically combine the best of phytonutrients and clinically-tested Actives.

The company has currently launched 5 product ranges, each specializing in different aspects of beauty.


The all-new Anti-Acne range comes with the goodness of Phyto Niacinamide, Phyto Salicylic Acid & more. The Phyto Cleanse range helps manage various acne related concerns like active acne, scars, blemishes and more. It has a foaming Face Wash, a water-based Serum, and a Face Mask. 

2.       INNER GLO

It is a  Brightening range blended with the goodness of Phyto Vitamin C & more. The Inner Glo range helps make your skin radiant and glowing. The complete range includes a foaming Face Wash, an oil-based Serum, and a Face Mask.

3.        ABSOLUT EVEN

This anti-pigmentation range comes with the goodness of Phyto Retinol, Phyto Alpha Arbutin & more. Absolut Even helps fight against pigmentation, uneven skin tone and more. The range currently offers an anti-pigmentation Face Serum and an Under-Eye Serum.

4.        YOUTH ELIXIR

This anti-ageing range provides the goodness of powerful Phyto Retinol. Youth Elixir range helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other age related issues while leaving your skin looking plump and smooth.


The hair nourishment and growth range help keep hair healthy with ingredients like Camellia, Shikakai and more.

All OZiva Clean Beauty products are free of harmful chemicals and additives such as Heavy Metals, Sulphates, Parabens, and Phthalates that are detrimental for the skin in the long-run. Through its immaculate R&D capabilities and scientific precision, the company recognizes the importance of combining the best of holistic wellness when it comes to nourishing the skin and hair from within. Ultimately, OZiva aims to enhance an individual’s true beauty by blending health and beauty through a superior range of clean, plant-based products.

From clean-nutrition to clean beauty, OZiva has inspired countless people in achieving a state of holistic health that is a complete balance of mind, body, and soul.

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